Blockchain technologies in action
Making blockchain
technologies predictable
The backdrop
Enterprise Blockchain
Enterprise blockchains offer powerful and flexible solutions to a range of applications. At the same time, they are complex systems with a large design space, whose behaviour is hard to predict. Architecture design and engineering reliable deployments are therefore challenging tasks and profit from collecting performance data. However, sourcing data from pilot studies is expensive and time-consuming. Also, they often cover only a fraction of the available design space. Agreement Solutions’ high-fidelity, high-throughput data collection framework alleviates this pain, by efficiently generating and collecting data for a wide range of design options, rare events and usage scenarios prior to development and release.
Our Mission
Predicting Enterprise Blockchains
Agreement Solutions provides data-driven consulting services in the blockchain and distributed ledger space. Our data collection framework quantifies the complex behavior of enterprise blockchain systems efficiently, enabling us to assist in business blockchain adoption.
When to work with us?
Quantitative Analysis of Future Deployments
Knowing how an enterprise blockchain system will behave, will reduce total cost of ownership and enable faster decision making. We bring value to projects across industries in different areas.
Efficiently investigate, test and compare new technologies.
Determine the behaviour of competing designs for your system.
Find the optimal design for your business requirements. Tweak your existing system for maximum performance.
Risk management
Analyse systems, new deployments or code revisions with regard to safety, availability and performance in critical scenarios.
We assist you in bringing blockchain technology to your business
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